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HemiChat is striving to meet our mission of providing online and face to face support to families across the UK who live with Hemiplegia, as well as raise public awareness of the condition. In order to do this we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses to support our parent led charity.

The children who benefit from our charity spend much of their time at lengthy hospital appointments, they endure daily Physiotherapy to ease the stiffness in their affected limbs and many go on to have operations with long periods of rehabilitation but they take it all in their stride and rarely complain!

In 2012 we gained enough support to fund 12 meet ups and surpassed this with a wonderful 48 during 2013. Members enjoyed meets at theme parks, zoo’s, museums as well as hosting children’s parties and picnics! We hope to continue funding this year on year for families to gain the invaluable face to face support required. Often members comment on how isolated and overwhelmed they felt until they found the charity. Each person within our team of trustees personally has a child living with the condition and give their time voluntarily to make a difference for families just like theirs, therein lies the passion behind the charity which has expanded from only 3 parents to almost 1000 within the last 24 months.

We do not charge our members for the invaluable support network they can access, instead the charity take a very proactive approach to community fundraising and as such because we have no overheads, we see the benefits of this invested directly into the recreational activities we organise for the families and children of the charity.

Corporate companies such as Shell UK, Legal and General and Lloyds Banking Group have chosen to offer their support to us because they understand our plight. 1 in 1000 children are diagnosed with Hemiplegia every year yet there is still very little support and awareness for families, hence we are looking for commitment from individuals and companies who feel they could make a long term difference.

Please contact us on 0844 802 3203 or email us if you can unite with us!

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