HemiChat’s online support is available 24/7. The groups are 100% private and are administrated by parent volunteers and members who can empathise and offer peer to peer life experience and valuable support relating to Hemiplegia. You will receive a warm welcome into our community network and quickly realise you are not alone in dealing with the daily challenges and emotional roller-coaster familiar to so many members. A huge amount of UK parents unite together to celebrate achievements of their children as well as share advice communicating with each other on things such as education, clothing and footwear tips and behaviour support amongst other topics. HemiChat’s members have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share throughout all ages and stages of childhood and adolescence. You will also receive access and invitations to our UK part funded and fully funded face to face recreational meets. We funded nearly 50 of these in 2013 and hope to keep offering members opportunities to meet others. Our focus is allowing parents, young children and teens to feel they are not alone and have a place to gain support.

As well as our parents support group we also have a group for teens living with Hemiplegia, this is ran by Charlie Needler.